Fall Semester Events Delayed Amidst Pandemic


Mohit Kosuru, Staff Writer 

Fall semester events, including the homecoming dance and football games, will be delayed or canceled due to the uncertainty of whether such large events can take place safely.

“Everything is delayed for the fall semester. We have to cross that bridge when we get to it,” Vice Principal Matthew Pate said. “I am not sure what [the events] will look like or if they will happen.” 

The Orange County Health Care Agency announced that Orange County schools could be in a position to reopen for in-person instruction starting September 22, as long as coronavirus rates continue to decline or remain stable. This is the first step towards events possibly taking place. 

Even with the uncertainty of this pandemic, some students are still hopeful that Fall Semester events will occur.

“When I occasionally went to some of the football games last year, I had a great time with my friends,” junior Eric Choi said. “I hope that [these events] will happen again this year.” 

Other students agree with the administration’s decision to delay or cancel events due to the severity of COVID-19.

“I think it is probably the right choice at this time because if just one person has the coronavirus without knowing, and participates in a large school event, it puts many people at risk,” sophomore Andy Xu said. “The virus may be transmitted to multiple other students, who will spread it to their families, possibly causing a huge chain reaction.” 

If events were to occur in a physical setting, many safety precautions will be in place. There will be social distancing of six feet or more, disposable masks provided for those who do not have one, enhanced custodial cleaning and disinfecting, and other safety protocols. 

“We, the school and administration, have an interest in providing these types of events.  They are integral parts of the high school experience and an adolescent’s social development,” Pate said. “At the same time we have an obligation to keep people safe.”