Football Team Celebrates Victory Against Oceanview


The football team lines up on offense against Oceanview

Alexandra Suttner, Staff writer

The football team broke their 12-game losing streak with a close victory against Oceanview on Sept. 3. The final score was 13-12, and it was the team’s first win in nearly three years. 

The team played a close and competitive game. At halftime, the team was down 7-12. With 7:02 left in the game, sophomore Blaine Anderson scored the winning touchdown that gave the team a lead that they did not relinquish. 

Several other players showcased their abilities on the field. In the second quarter, junior Pax Lang completed a 3-yard touchdown. The team connected on many passes that contributed to their victory, including senior Ziyad Merchant’s 30-yard pass completion to sophomore Jonathan Soto.

Head coach Vincent Mesa credited the team’s resilience when encountering challenges. 

“It was a battle[…]These guys haven’t won in a long time; they’ve been working like crazy for this opportunity to win, and they did it[….]All the grace goes to these guys. They pulled it off. When [Oceanview] went up, we had to come back[…]We had a couple mess-ups[…]but we overcame it, and it worked out,” Mesa said. 

Senior and former UHS football player Scott Caldeira talked about the school spirit he witnessed while cheering in the bleachers.

“The spirit in the bleachers was unmatched. People were screaming and chanting every other second,” Caldiera said.

Collectively, as a team and a school, the players and students motivated one another. From the stands, students chanted, “We love Koa,” motivating sophomore Koa Saito, who was the starting quarterback of the game. 

The team celebrated their remarkable win, and as the crowd was running onto the field, Saito said, 

“Overall, great team effort. Everybody was having fun, and we won [which is] great!”

The team’s next game will be at home against Dana Hills on Sept. 24.