Girls Tennis Continues Their Winning Streak


Emily Sun

The team huddles around coach Kessler for words of encouragement.

Alexandra Suttner, Staff Writer

Girls Tennis remained undefeated in league after their 11-7 victory against Portola on Sept. 23.

The team came into the match with a 3-game winning streak displaying their significant talent, and their attitude and spirit on the courts impressed senior captain Megan Bee

“There were many people that really tried their best, and it was really awesome to see everyone putting in the effort, and the enthusiasm into the matches today……Everyone is always so happy and they brighten up the court when they play,” Bee said.

Bee was also proud of the team’s performance and effort, especially senior Nour Khayat, the #2 singles player.

“[Nour was] an absolute star, as Mr. Kessler would say. She always tries her best. She goes out there, with a big smile, and puts on the best strokes she has,” Bee said. 

Senior Christina Yue, who won all three of her doubles matches, echoed Bee’s sentiments of the team’s spirit as they defeated Portola, one of the toughest teams they had faced. 

“The entire team as a whole did really well, especially because out of all of the schools, Portola is one of our biggest competitors, so I am really proud of us because we won. Everyone did a really good job. One of UNI girls tennis’ biggest strengths is that our spirit is really good and we really support each other throughout the matches. Every year, [our team’s community] is always there and everyone is supporting each other,” said Yue

The Girls Tennis coach, John Kessler, highlighted Khayat’s outstanding performance.

“We needed that match today. It was a really important match. Nour, for sure, is our MVP of the match. Coming out and winning today…she set the tone. We needed [the win] today, badly,” Kessler stated. 

The team is looking to continue their winning streak throughout the season. The team’s next home game will be against Irvine on Oct. 7th at 3:30.