Sofia Brahe and Millie Batra: Girls Golf Captains Spotlight


Noah Scherson, Staff Writer

The girl’s golf season at University High School has teed off with a 3-1 record with wins over Portola, Beckman, and Irvine High Schools. Leading this team are senior captains Millie Batra and Sofia Brahe. These two captains are leading the golf team into the Fall 2021 season after being consistent players throughout their careers at UHS. 

Last season, the team had very few players due to the pandemic and struggled to get a full team on the course. This season, the team has nearly doubled in size with a large freshman class. The captains love having such a large team. “I’m really excited that we have such a large team this year because it makes bondings, practices, and matches more interesting,” Batra said. 

Due to the high-pressure nature of the sport, the captains can sometimes get nervous. Batra helps get off her nerves by talking to friends and takes a couple of practice swings before teeing off. Brahe, on the other hand, enjoys getting a quick coffee before every match.

“Before a match, I like to grab a coffee for a little energy jolt and then warm up with my team, get myself excited about playing, and just tune into my game,” Brahe noted.

Batra is more focused on supporting her team in leadership. 

“I’m hoping to really step into my role as captain and help all my teammates out as much as possible in golf, school, and personal matters,” Batra said.

Brahe aspires to be able to maintain a better focus on the sport.  

“I try to be present in the moment during a match, not dwell too much on a bad shot,” she said. “Take a deep breath and move on.” 

Carrying the UHS Girls Golf legacy is something Batra really hopes to continue; she hopes to pass the torch to the program’s future by being a leader by example. She regularly participates in team bonding activities and is consistent with her matches. 

The two captains have their sights set on CIF and are prepared to lead their team to another successful season.