Girls Tennis Remains Undefeated Against Beckman


Emily sun

Senior Jane Lee prepares to serve.

Alexandra Suttner, Staff Writer

Girls Tennis clinched first place in the Pacific Coast League after a 14-4 win against Beckman this past Tuesday. Coming in, the team had an 11-0 record, just one game ahead of 10-1 Beckman, which meant the stakes were high for the match. The team will now enter the CIF Playoffs undefeated in league with a 12-0 record. 

The Girls Tennis coach, Mr. John Kessler, was amazed by the girls’ performance, despite some challenges they faced throughout the season.

“We just finished 12-0 in the league. I didn’t think that was going to be the case. We have a lot of […] new girls, a lot of injuries, so for us to be 12-0 is crazy. And to win the Pacific Coast League, which is the toughest league in Southern California—[that’s] a pretty amazing season,” Mr. Kessler said. 

Senior captain Megan Bee and her doubles partner, sophomore Anna Gubin, won all of their league and non-league games. Bee is proud of the team’s effort and determination.

“We were pretty deep and the people that did play […] had such great sportsmanship and always played their best, and I think that is why we won, which is really awesome,” Bee said. “Winning against Beckman [was] really huge because everyone fought super hard and we were able to pull through.”

Despite some challenges in the beginning of the season, senior singles player Jane Lee saw a huge improvement in her performance. 

“I continued playing hard even though I know I lost some of the matches in the beginning,” Lee said. “Last time […] when I played against Beckman […] I lost against the number one girl 7-6, but today I won 6-2, which is good.”

The team’s next match is the first round of the CIF playoffs at home against Westlake High School on Nov. 10.