November Seniors of the Month


Lila Sepici

Seniors Alex Guo and Sanay Saboo are Sword & Shield’s November Seniors of the Month.

Lila Sepici, Staff Writer

Seniors Alex Guo and Sanay Saboo have been making waves at UHS as the executive producers of Univision, and they are the Sword & Shield’s November Seniors of the Month.

Most people know Guo as one of the two hosts of Univision’s comedy special “Man on the Street,” and being a part of the Univision team for the past three years has enabled him to meet many wonderful and unique people.

“The thing I like most about Univision is the community that is formed,” Guo said. “If it was not for this class, I most likely would not have met one of my closest friends, Sanay.”

Saboo, the other Senior of the Month, believes collaboration is essentially what Univision is all about.

“No one person ever made a movie. I love working with other people, getting fresh ideas and new perspectives, along with working with my friends,” Saboo said.

Along with being the Univision executive producers, Guo and Saboo recently won awards for their personal projects in the All American High School Film Festival in New York. With their short film “Best Of Three,” Guo and Saboo won awards under these titles:

2021 Best Influencer – also comes with a $100,000 scholarship to the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (Saboo)

2021 Best Micro Movie (Saboo) 

Best Visual FX (Guo)

And had additional nominations under these titles:

Best Direction, (Guo)

Best Comedy, (Guo)

Best Editing, (Guo)

Best PSA, (Guo)

Best PSA, (Saboo) 

Guo describes their project “Best of Three” as “a magical fight that starts between two friends after one decides not to pay attention to the other’s favorite movie.” They also mentioned that the project includes visual effects elements from Harry Potter and Star Wars.

“I love being able to do whatever I want with my projects, getting whatever cool shots or editing tricks I want, and I love the freedom filmmaking gives me to tell stories the way I want to,” Guo said.

However, the process of filmmaking doesn’t come without difficulties. After being asked about hardships faced throughout his projects, Guo said, “No matter how much preparation there is, there will always be something that goes wrong. I found that the best way to deal with problems just comes from experience being on film sets and remembering to preserve a cool head.”

In addition to the awards Guo and Saboo won in New York recently, they have also had success with other films at festivals like The IndieFest, the Orange County Film Festival, New Optics Film Festival, and many more.

With all of their success, the two started their journey in filmmaking from humble beginnings, with Saboo sharing how his career began on iMovie.

“I’ve always loved watching movies and messing around on my iPad’s iMovie trailer templates when I was younger,” Saboo said.

Meanwhile, Guo shared that he grew up with TV and movies, so film has always been something that grabbed his eye.

“As a kid, all I used to do was watch movies and TV. My parents were always at work, so those are what raised me,” Guo said.

As Seniors of the Month, Saboo and Guo both think it’s great for underclassmen to participate in everything they can and surround themselves with people who share similar passions.

“Get involved, sign up for that one class that looks interesting, join that club that you think might be fun,” Saboo said. “Use every resource you have access to, and most importantly, have fun. Go to every game, every dance, every lunch fest and every workhouse. Find yourself at Uni.”