The Simplicity of Support


Natalie Torres

As the students discuss their opinions about the topic with one another, Mr. Alix, an english teacher at UHS, observes and listens in on their thoughts.

Maya Madhat, Staff Writer

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At the start of every school year, UHS welcomes a new wave of students and continues its legacy of high-quality education. However, that quality starts with the amazing teachers. Teachers not only face a new wave of students but also a myriad of challenges and ongoing changes that they must address in order to provide each student with a positive high school experience. Students should support their teachers by being independent in checking assignments and following announcements. 

Though many of their efforts go unnoticed by the student body, teachers are always present when students need them. They work hard to ensure each student’s success and provide additional resources to aid students. Especially after the years of lockdown and self-isolation due to COVID-19, teachers have had to adapt to the sudden changes, including having classes through Zoom, changing bell schedules and accepting more students into their classrooms. These stressful factors have limited their ability to help students learn and to create an environment that allows students to flourish. Regardless, teachers continue to succeed in teaching students and creating a good environment for them. 

In fact, many UHS teachers go above and beyond to accommodate the requests of students and parents. However, despite teachers’ best efforts, the responsibility is undoubtedly overwhelming at times. Thus, it is important for students to not only acknowledge all the hard work that teachers are doing but also to take action to make their teachers’ jobs easier.  

Independence is a factor that greatly benefits both students and teachers. For students, the practice of self-sufficiency trains them to be more attuned to personal needs and capabilities. For teachers, the assurance that students can problem-solve on their own is one less thing for them to worry about. Students should check on what they have to do daily to show teachers that they appreciate them and their efforts. 

“Checking what assignments you have without the direction of the teacher, being able to self-direct and self-regulate, takes a significant weight off of teachers’ shoulders,” science teacher Mr. Kasper said.

“Please just check Canvas,” English teacher Mrs. Garcia said.

Students do not have to make grand gestures to give their teachers support during the school year. As Mrs. Garcia and Mr. Kasper have expressed, simple things that streamline class time are what truly make a difference. 

The majority of students’ lives are spent in school, with their teachers and classmates. Not only do students grow up in these classrooms, but teachers also have a big influence on and give students support during times of maturing. The lessons they teach and the life lessons they share are what students use to navigate the world around them. 

As the school year progresses, let’s support our teachers in return for the countless commitments they have made to their students.