Senior Activity Day


Seniors at Universal Studios for Senior Activity Day

Mia Barajas-Kua, Staff Writer

On Oct. 12, as part of Senior Activity Day, seniors had the opportunity to go to Universal Studios, an amusement park and film studio located in Los Angeles, California. While freshmen were taking the PSAT 8/9, sophomores were taking the PACT and juniors were taking the PSAT/NMSQT exam, the class of 2023 celebrated their final year at UHS by taking part in this event. 

The field trip took place in previous years at Six Flags Magic Mountain, but Universal Studios was chosen this year due to its closer location to the UHS campus. Seniors departed from UHS at 8 a.m. and returned from the park at 6 p.m. 

When looking back on this trip, many seniors recognized how much they enjoyed the time spent with friends. 

The senior activity was very fun,” senior Elleizah Martinez said. “A lot of memories were created between my friends and me, and we got to go on rides, laugh and enjoy good food.” 

Seniors shared their satisfaction with how the day went.

“It was fun to be able to have that experience with all the new friends I’ve made since then,” senior Jolie Roche said. “I liked trying the special food and drinks there, such as Butterbeer.” 

With the countless memories the senior class made, many shared their highlights, whether it was the rides, decorations or anything else. 

“There were actually a lot of fun and enjoyable moments during Senior Activity Day that it’s kind [0f] hard to choose,” senior Jelene Figueroa said. “My favorite part was probably when we went on the studio tours though since we were able to see all kinds of cool things like the sets for movies and the 3D rides that make you feel like you were actually there.” 

One senior mentioned how she and her friends practically sprinted off the bus to see Hogwarts castle. 

“My favorite moment during Senior Activity Day was running off the bus with my friends to go on the Soar Above Hogwarts ride,” Roche said. “I wasn’t sure if I’d enjoy it because while I’d been on a bunch of roller coasters, I’d never been on a virtual reality ride, but I ended up loving the ride and even had a fun walk through the castle while in line.” 

As enjoyable as Senior Activity Day was, it is unfortunately the only field trip that the whole senior class experiences together. Some have been looking forward to this event since freshman year.

“It [was a part of] a bunch of last things that I’m going to do as a senior, possibly even the last time I’ll be in close contact with all my close and not-so-close friends,” Martinez said. “Overall, it made me feel that I should cherish these fun last moments of my last high school year.” 

Some felt a sense of nostalgia since there have been few field trip opportunities for the majority of UHS students since elementary school. 

“It’s actually kind [of] sad as well since this would actually mark the last field trip anyone would have . . . [which] marks the end of my childhood, in a way, before going to college and starting my actual life and making more decisions on my own,” Roche said. “While I’m sad to know high school is nearing an end, I am excited to be able to have more fun experiences with my class to celebrate.”