Girls Lacrosse Game Against Huntington Beach Bodes Well For Upcoming Season


Natalie Torres

UHS girls lacrosse athlete attempting to score a goal against opponent.

Kaylee Changsek, Staff Writer

The season looks bright for UHS Girls’ Varsity Lacrosse as they fought in a close pre-season game against Huntington Beach High School on Wednesday, Feb. 15. The team started strong with a lead, and though it ultimately lost at the very end 14-15, the team showed off its promising skills.

“The team faced some challenges with nerves going into the game, as it was our first home game of pre-season,” junior Rowan Olson said. “We all wanted to do well and found ourselves nervous as the game started.”

Despite these nerves, UHS started the game with a goal. However, as the first quarter progressed, Huntington and UHS were neck and neck with each other, always one-upping each other throughout the game. Each team kept scoring one goal continuously after the other until UHS stopped this pattern.

Senior Keala Byun scored two goals in a row, turning the tide toward UHS. Meanwhile, senior Kelly Tou also scored two goals during this time. Afterward, UHS followed a new pattern of scoring multiple goals in a single streak.  

“We were very proud of how we were able to come together to support each other,” Olson said. “We tightened up our defense, and we were able to score 14 goals on the attacking side.” 

Eventually, Huntington’s players went on a scoring streak to catch up to the Trojans, and during the fourth quarter, they trudged through to overcome their previous scoring deficit. Around the 45-second mark, Huntington’s offense executed several strong plays, and ultimately, Huntington beat UHS by one point in the last 30 seconds, winning this scrimmage. 

“[Huntington was] really good at making certain plays and definitely physical . . . but I think this game was a really good season starter to give us all an idea of what we are going to be up against,” junior Anna Rappas said. 

Fortunately, UHS left this game with a positive mindset toward the future. 

“We stayed strong throughout,” senior Alana Mcmillan said. “We put up a good fight . . . We did our best with it being our first game of the new season, and we will only get better from here.”

The girls’ lacrosse team has their upcoming game against Irvine High at 4 p.m. on March 20. Be sure to deck out in Trojan-themed outfits and support these athletes!