Interview with Jacob Logan


Rissa Liu

Junior Jacob Logan talks about balancing high school and music.

Sophia Choi, Staff Writer 

Whether it’s through his viral Tiktoks or performances at school events, UHS student and ex-Kidz Bop kid Jacob Logan has become a well-known figure on campus. Recently, Logan gave an impromptu performance of his popular song, “Jealous,” live at Winter Formal. 

Logan’s love for music and performance has a long history. Growing up surrounded by music, Logan often spent car rides harmonizing with his mom and younger sister. 

“I’ve always known that [music] was what I wanted and still want to do with my life,” Logan said. “Hopefully I get to relive that lifestyle as my own artist.”

Logan’s early start as a Kidz Bop kid nurtured his love for performing. At only 13 years old, he went on a world tour consisting of 72 shows in countries such as Mexico, Australia, Canada and London. 

“Waking up every morning asking Siri what state I was in after sleeping in my bunk on the tour bus . . . got tiring at some times, but I was living my dream,” Logan said. 

Logan has also performed at well-known venues like the Hollywood Bowl and Jones Beach in New York. Even after his Kidz Bop tour ended, Logan has continued to hone his musical skills through songwriting.   

Working with the local record label OC Hit, Logan recently released one of his most popular songs to date, “Jealous.” Logan’s inspiration for the song came naturally to him when he wanted to express his feelings one night. 

“I went to bed one night looking to write a song about what I was going through that night,” Logan said. “The song is all about real things and I think can be relatable to a lot of people.”

While chasing a career in music, Logan has also been balancing his artistic endeavors with his high school experience. 

“Even though it isn’t directly helping with my career, going to school definitely gives me opportunities that other kids in the industry might not have,” Logan said. “During Kidz Bop, I was homeschooled and I missed being able to say ‘what’s up’ to my friends in the hallways.”

On campus, fellow students admire Logan for his outgoing and sociable personality. While it may be hard to stay motivated in school and music, he is thankful for the opportunity he’s had to balance the two. 

With “Jealous” recently hitting 50,000 on Spotify, Logan looks forward to releasing new music soon.

“I’ve been working on new music and want to make sure people will enjoy it,” Logan said. “The song is called ‘Do It Again’ and it’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever worked on.”