Fine Arts Week at UHS


Rissa Liu

During Fine Arts Week, visual and performing arts were spotlighted during lunch, including ceramics through a pottery demo.

Ashaley Jiang, Staff Writer

On March 6, UHS hosted Fine Arts Week, featuring the plethora of artistic talents belonging to the student body. The week consisted of several different creative displays from both performative and visual artists, who collaborated in advance to prepare for their respective parts. More specifically, the week showcased an assembly, performances by the jazz band and individual students, a pottery demo and a visual arts demo. 

The process of readying for the week required labor and relentless dedication from nearly all of the student performers. Sophomore Sara Yu, who was a participant in the color guard performance during the assembly, described her experience committing to the preparation. 

“[Color guard has] been preparing and practicing our show since last December,” Yu said. “Our coaches choreograph our movements and our locations on the floor, and we practice them during zero period and night practices, practicing them section by section and adding on to the previous week’s work.” 

Participating in a group performance presented some clear difficulties for many students, but they still pulled through regardless. Sophomore Rachel Chen, who was part of a collaborative dance for the student performances held at the library, found one particular challenge she and her friends faced to be an ambitious choice of choreography. 

“At first, we didn’t think we would go very far in the dance, but everyone tried their hardest to push through whatever troubles we had, such as difficulties with the formation,” Chen said. “We would meet up outside of school to practice, and everyone working together made the process much easier while allowing us to have fun as friends.” 

Overall, Fine Arts Week provided UHS students with opportunities to make their talents known and bond over their appreciation for the arts.