Senior Night and Fourth Consecutive Win for Boys’ Varsity Baseball


Roshana Akhtari

This game was the final game of the season for the Varsity Baseball team at UHS. The team ended the season with a win.

Maya Berger, Staff Writer

The UHS Varsity Baseball team finished their season with four consecutive wins. The team won their home game against Sage Hill with a final score of 7-0 on April 28.

This was the last home game of the season and also the team’s senior night. During the ceremony, the following seniors were recognized with a brief description before the match: Chris Conner, Michael Dougherty, Adam Kunin, Aaron Millman, Atticus Oh, Logan Rome and Alex Zive.

The seniors reminisced with spectators about the unforgettable memories of the past season. 

“My favorite memory of the season was going to Palm Springs for a baseball tournament,” Conner said. “During this tournament, we bonded a lot as a team and built our friendships.”

Once all seniors were recognized, the match began.

The day before senior night, the UHS team played an away game against Sage Hill, allowing them to study the dynamics of the team. The UHS coaches didn’t put a lot of pressure on the players due to this being the last game of the season. 

“Our coaches told us to have fun,” Dougherty said. “They told us not to worry about playoffs or winning, just to enjoy that day and remember it.”

The lack of pressure allowed the starting seniors and players to go into the game with an open mindset. Their coach’s strategy towards the game proved to be successful, thus ending the game with a win. 

“We were happy with how the game went because we were able to win . . . while also giving all the seniors a chance to start,” Kunin said. “We also were able to qualify for a chance at a wildcard spot in CIF, which could potentially put us in the playoffs.”

Unfortunately, the team did not receive a wildcard spot in CIF this season. However, reflecting on this past season, the UHS team had memorable moments that the team will never forget. 

“If I had to point [out] one thing that has [contributed] to our success this year, it has been the brotherhood that we have created,” Captain Zive said. “Not only are we teammates on the field, but we’re also friends off the field. Although the final scores may determine the results of the game, the success of the team is dependent on the bond the teammates have, and we have that special bond this year.”

The UHS team ended with an overall record of 9-11-1 placing them sixth in the Pacific Coast league.