Soccer ends season in 1st round of CIF

Ramin Aminian (Sr.) defends his possession of the ball.
Ramin Aminian (Sr.) defends his possession of the ball.

Along with success in the Pacific Coast League (PCL), the University High School (UHS) boys soccer team has had an impressive preseason as well. The Trojan’s first game of the preseason was against the number one ranked team in the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF), Century High School. The Trojans pulled off an impressive victory and defeated Century High School (2-1) and finished preseason with a record of 2-5-1.
Evan Dahl (Sr.) said, “We played better than what the record states. Even when we were the better team, we sometimes got unlucky and lost. But overall we played excellent soccer.” Going into the league season, the Trojans planned to implement a new format called the “Spanish style futbol,’ in which the team keeps the soccer ball constantly on the ground as they play forward.
The UHS boys soccer team kicked off the league season with an unfortunate loss to Woodbridge High School  (1-2) on Friday, January 10. Emilio San Roman (Sr.) said, “It was a tough loss for us because we had high expectations after our success in preseason, but it was a reality check for us to get back to working hard.” The Trojans finished in PCL with a record of 7-2-1, just short behind Corona Del Mar High School, effectively clinching a spot in the Division III CIF Tournament.
The Trojans played their first round of CIF against California High School on Thursday, February 20. UHS had high hopes going into the first round of CIF and expected to move on to the next round.  Brandon Tabor (Sr.) said, “We were expecting to win and we went into the game very confident that this would not be out last game.” California High School performed well, resulting in an upset for UHS (1-4).
Arman Tehrani (Sr.) said, “It’s a shame for us seniors to end our high school soccer careers with a bad loss, but overall we enjoyed a great season together.” The Trojans finished with an overall record of 9-8-2.
Written by WILL CLINE
Staff Writer