If I Were Queen: a poem

If I Were Queen: a poem

Illustrated by Ruaa Labanieh

Staff Writer

I’d lure the stars and seduce the moon.

I’d bring those who were longing home soon.

I’d twist clouds as if they were cotton candy

and dye them with pastel shades.


I’d dip calloused fingers into buckets of paints.

I’d blow halos over the children, over the saints.

I’d color the world outside the lines

and off the edges of the world.


I’d steal the songs of birds and the travels of butterflies.

I’d kiss the tears as your fears rise.

I’d wake the people with hope, inspiring as a lion’s pride

and shake the earth with delight.


I’d rearrange trees and draw you a yellow brick road.

I’d give my first kiss to the prince within the toad.

I’d crown a girl I’ve never met

and run away with the treasure.


I’d count the jewels,

see them glowing cherry red,

be as happy as the rich old fools,

then off with my head.