Food Truck Thursdays: a new kind of fundraiser


(Shirin Aminian)

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Students eagerly await their orders from California Grill Truck. (Shirin Aminian)

Staff Writer
On November 20, University High School (UHS) hosted its first Food Truck Thursday, an event that took place from 5 PM to 8 PM in the Culver facing parking lot of UHS. There were five food trucks: Jogasaki Sushi Burrito, Soho Taco, Italian Ice, California Grill Truck and Piaggio on Wheels. Food Truck Thursday is a fundraiser for the club Close Up, that plans to travel to Washington, D.C. for a political studies week, and for JR. NAD (Junior National Association of the Deaf), a club teaching leadership and fellowship to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.
Nora Vogt (Jr.) a member of Close Up, one of the clubs that this fundraiser was raising money for, explained how its goal was to give members a chance to have fun and give enjoyment to other people at the same time.
“Close Up is having a [joint] food truck fundraiser [with JR. NAD] so that we can travel to Washington, D.C. for a fun and awesome learning experience,” said Vogt.
For Vogt, Close Up is like a second family. She said, “Close Up is the most amazing club that I have ever been in, because when I’m working with my team, I don’t think of them as a team. I think of them as my long-term friends and ‘family’ because we always have each other’s backs and cheer each other up whenever a crisis appears.”
The club’s main reason for advertising with food trucks is to remind UHS students to appreciate two of the best things in the world–food and friends –while they have the chance, just as the members of Close Up have. Vogt urges UHS students to support the fundraiser, saying, “Please come! I promise you, you don’t want to miss a bite out of this deal!”
Many people came out to help support the clubs. Tanner Schiedow (Sr.), the organizer of the entire event, said, “I love all the food here. This is our first time having an event like this and it is amazing! Lots of people are coming here to eat all the different kinds of foods and to support the clubs.”
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Students browse through the food trucks in the Culver parking lot and decide what to have for dinner. (Shirin Aminian)

Many echoed Schiedow’s thoughts on the varieties of food, which were a huge hit. Steve Scoggin (Physical Education Dept.) said, “The food tastes amazing, especially since it’s for a great cause.” Zachary Dignan (So.) purchased a Two Chicken Taco combo plate from Soho Taco for 8 dollars, and it came with 2 chicken tacos, chips, and a drink. He didn’t hesitate to say that “the food here [at Food Truck Thursday] is great.”
The variety of trucks satisfied every need from appetizers to even dessert. After a great meal from the trucks, some even bought a delicious gelato ice cream from Italian Ice. Cheryl McElwee (Sr.) said, “The ice cream tastes and looks AMAZING! It hits the spot and is healthy. It should be served in the school cafeteria.” Moriah Shaffer (Jr.) said, “I really love this ice cream; I could eat this all day.”
For UHS and its students, Food Truck Thursday is a new type of fundraiser that students like Jovaneh Gutierrez (Jr.) enjoy, and not just because of the food. He said, “I am really glad to have this fun and exciting experience because I learned how to work well with my team.
Gutierrez worked together with Schiedow to organize this fundraiser. He said about the experience that it “it was [also] great seeing some old friends who graduated from University High School come to support us. It was worth going to visit the Food Trucks and try tasting all kinds of different foods. I also got to hang out with my family and friends at the same time. Everyone should come out for this great experience!”
Overall, Food Truck Thursday is a great event at which one can eat delicious food for a great cost while supporting two great causes. Food Truck Thursday will be continued every week except the holiday weeks until April 30.