Kickin’ Crab: a restaurant review

Shrimp at Kickin' Crab (Marcella Decoud)

Shrimp at Kickin’ Crab (Marcella Decoud)


Kickin’ Crab offers many types of seafood along with your choice of seasoning and spice level (Marcella Decoud)

Staff Writer
The Kickin’ Crab is a cajun seafood restaurant located in the Diamond Jamboree center on 2740 Alton Parkway. It is a fun and enjoyable restaurant decorated with bright and colorful lights with loud music constantly playing. This restaurant has large sit-down tables for big groups and a few outdoor tables next to a cozy fire. At Kickin’ Crab, you can order a pound of your favorite seafood, including shrimp, mussel, clam and lobster, with your choice of a delicious seasoning and your preferred spice level. The prices range from $9.99-$12.00 per pound of seafood along with a fish and seasoning of your choice. The various seasonings include Lemon Pepper, Cajun, Louisiana, Garlic Butter and Kickin’ Style, which combines all of the seasonings offered except Garlic Butter. The levels of spiciness that you can choose include extra mild, mild, medium, spicy, and spicy spicy.
When I visited The Kickin’ Crab, I ordered a pound of mild shrimp with the signature seasoning, The Kickin’ Style. Though I am not normally a seafood fan, I was pleasantly surprised with my food. The dish was exquisite and the shrimp was plump and perfect. On the side, I ordered the Cajun Fries for $3.99; these fries were flavorful and had the perfect texture. Kickin’ Crab does not offer any utensils. Instead, you have to use your hands, (gloves are available upon request,) a bib, and a roll of paper towels to clean up. Kickin’ Crab’s lively environment makes it a fun place to eat and hang out with your friends.
Service is always efficient here; the waiters and waitresses do not take longer than 25 minutes to serve your meal.The waiting time at this packed restaurant, especially at night and on the weekend, is rather long; getting seated can take anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the time you arrive. However, the quality seafood and friendly environment is definitely worth the wait. I recommend this restaurant as it is incredibly fun to eat at in your free time with friends, especially with its messy eating style. The Kickin’ Crab is definitely a place to try if you have not already.
Diamond Jamboree Center: 2740 Alton Pkwy, Irvine, CA 92606
(949) 851-8889
Monday-Thursday: 11:30 AM-10:00 PM
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