Propoganda Massacre: a poem


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Illustrated by Vicki Chen

Staff Writer
They told us we would be the legends of glorious war tales,
Little did we know we were being led down false trails.
We were cherished by everyone,
And hoped to become a valued someone.
It was a demented trap prepared.
The “war to end all wars” was a hideous lie,
To doubt it, we did not even try.
All of us shipped out with no fear,
In the excitement some shed a joyful tear.
Finally we reached the hometown of the anti Christ.
The constant warfare ate at our souls,
Soldiers became not much more than ghouls.
The crossing of souls was neverending,
Some were halfway dead, their life merely pending.
I’ve never seen so many men broken.
These rumors of beautiful battles infuriate me,
How can you leave us with myths, then flee?
We expected heaven, but went to hell and back,
I lost sight of why I really attack.
This adventure is a death sentence, not a patriotic crusade.
Shells exploding everywhere, a brother dies to my right,
I’m going to die on this pointless night.
One piercing shot in my chest,
I am dying because it is for America’s best.
I am a perfect example of propaganda massacre.