Fine Arts Week features UHS art programs


The drumline puts on a lively performance during a lunchfest. (Joseph Hong)


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On Monday, March 16, the only day of the school year that follows the split-third schedule, the Fine Arts Assembly kicked off Fine Arts Week during the two third periods as half the school attended each session. Footnotes, an a cappella club, started the assembly with a beautiful, harmonized rendition of the national anthem. Color Guard joined the Fine Arts Assembly this year, performing a condensed version of “Excidium,” their program for Winter Guard, to a violin cover of “Wrecking Ball.” Dance Company performed a hip hop number, at one point encouraging the audience to clap along to the contagious beat and electrifying dance moves. Under the direction of Ms. Grace Lee (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.), Symphony Orchestra performed a cut version of Edward Elgar’s Introduction and Allegro. Some people thought the piece was a little long, but classical music lovers were enthralled. Dance Company came back with another piece that clearly portrayed a childhood playtime theme, incorporating the alphabet and children’s games. Afterwards, Wind Assemble played “Southern Harmony” exquisitely, led by Mr. Corey Heddon (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.). Madrigals, the only choir at UHS that requires students to have singing experience before joining, also performed, directed by Mr. Justin Olvey (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.). The last performance was a preview of Beauty and the Beast: the cast members performed the opening number “Belle” and made many all the more eager for the spring musical. Joanna Small (Sr.), one of the Fine Arts Liasions, said, “I think the Fine Arts Assembly is important because it gives the whole school an opportunity to see the hard work all the artists have done throughout the year and showcases some of the incredible talent Uni has to offer.”


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On Tuesday during Office Hours, students from Video Production presented their films during the Film Festival. Despite some slight technical difficulties, the students presented several impressive videos of varying lengths and themes. The first film showed the life of a small girl living with her best friend as the girl attempted to live like an adult, making breakfast and cleaning the house. As the girl undercooked the eggs and failed to clean crumbs from the floor, the audience smiled, appreciating the video’s ability to show the innocence of a small girl. The next film showcased the story of two young people falling in love. The video switched from black and white to color, giving an animated feel to the love story. Another creative video showed several items that start with the letter “B,” including blue paint and a toy bear. This video was very interesting because it was filmed artistically; the colors and objects represented throughout the film were aesthetically pleasing.
During lunch on Tuesday, the UHS indoor drum-line program performed at the crossroads. The performance was especially entertaining because the drummers were very energetic and animated. The drum-line program competed for the first time this year and received 8th place at its first competition and 6th place at its second competition. Denise Zhou (Sr.), a four year member of the UHS percussion program, said, “Our show is so much fun to perform and being able to continue the excitement with so many new and old friends has made the extra rehearsal time at school completely worth it. Playing marimba and being a percussionist has become such an important part of who I am and it’s been really awesome to watch the percussion program grow the way it has.” Zhou acknowledged the indoor drum-line’s instructors, Ms. Kyle Traska (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.) and Mr. Tyler James (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.), as well as band conductor Mr. Corey Heddon (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.) for their dedication in supporting drum-line.


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Fine Arts Week continued on Wednesday with spoken word poetry performances during Office Hours and a choir and ceramics demonstration during lunch. During Office Hours, students took the stage and shared their personal words with the welcoming audience. Maggie Li (Sr.), president of the Slam Poets of UHS club, performed a poem of her own. Li says, “It was a great experience performing and doing what I love in front of an open and appreciative audience. I am really grateful that fine arts at Uni gets the attention it deserves, from an entire assembly dedicated to performing arts to an amazing art gallery and all the lunchfests and activities we hosted.” The spoken word poetry show was interspersed with musical performances by George Hu (Sr.) and Shiva Verma (Jr.), who surprised the audience by deviating from poetry to deliver pieces on the piano, transitioning from a classical performance to a contemporaneous cover.
Lunchtime brought along a display of ceramics work, as Ryan Nicholson (Sr.), Sara Elgohary (Sr.) and Kathy Flores (Jr.) shaped and crafted on the pottery wheel while the a cappella groups, Undertones and Footnotes, performed accompaniment. The choral groups alternated performances, performing renditions of contemporary songs like “Heroes (We Could Be)” by Tove Lo and Alesso to dated lullabies, while the ceramics artists spun various bowls out of lumps of clay. The choice to meld the showcasing of the ceramics department with the choir made an interesting, but harmonic, pairing.


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Throughout the week, students visited the Fine Arts gallery to see the unique display of astounding art from many talented UHS students. Friday, March 20, the final day of Fine Arts Week, ended the week’s success with a final showing of the Fine Arts gallery. The UHS Jazz Band welcomed gallery visitors at lunch while also showcasing their own musical talents.
Visitors were welcomed into the art gallery with inviting photographs of selected artists lining the ceiling of the room. Every square inch of wall and table was filled with an art piece, each one magnificent and interesting in its own ways. Arts from media including Visual Imagery, AP Studio Design, Ceramics, Advanced Studio Art and Video showcased UHS students’ incredible artistic talents. Anja Seng (Jr.) created an alluring double exposure of her friend’s face and hands with the help of Photoshop. She said, “Taking Visual Imagery is one of the best choices I have ever made in High School. The class has allowed me to look at all my surroundings as art and also motivated me to create art.”
From all the works in the gallery, a panel of arts teachers selected the best pieces to win awards. Although the selection process to choose the best pieces from a gallery full of incredible art was a challenge, the winners definitely deserved the award for their hard work. LeiAnna Chin (Sr.) from AP 2D Design, Heesoo Lee (Sr.) from Advanced Studio Art, Olivia Wong (Jr.) from Visual Imagery and Thomas Chen (Sr.) from Visual Imagery all earned Honorable Mentions for their pieces. Third place went to Ashley Anderson (Sr.) from AP Studio Art, second place was awarded to Raeika Ganji (Sr.) from Visual Imagery, and Best Show went to Sara Elgohary (Sr.) and Boris Shirman (Sr.) from Advanced 2D Design and Advanced Ceramics for “Dark Room Photo Tiles.” In addition to the arts department’s selected choices, Principal John Pehrson awarded his Principal’s Choice to Elgohary for her Tree with Swing from Advanced Ceramics.
According to Ms. Dana Kramer (Visual and Performing Arts Dept.), this year’s gallery was unique as it featured more student work than previous years did. She said, “It was the first year that we had a screening room showcasing the work of Mrs. Kessler’s Video Production students, and it was the first year we sold art and merchandise.” Ms. Kramer acknowledged the students in the Advanced 2D Design and AP 2D Studio classes for curating and installing the gallery and the students who created the buttons that were sold throughout the week.
Friday’s festivities included a special Fine Arts Week Univision segment during Homeroom that not only displayed UHS Fine Arts in action, but also showcased the Univision Crew and film. The show integrated interviews of many UHS artists with clips of artists at work. The episode gave a special behind-the-scenes look at how the arts at UHS operate and encouraged all students to join.