UHS starts its own Trojan Games program

Staff Writer
On April 25, 2015, University High School (UHS) held its first Trojan Games. The primary purpose of the Trojan Games is to embrace the new homeroom system with friendly competition. Additionally, they serve to promote school spirit and to get students involved in exciting school events. The events planned included chess, basketball, ping-pong, capture the flag, bocce ball, Mario Kart and others.
Many students were excited not only to participate in the games themselves, but also to watch their peers compete in different events. Unfortunately, the rainy weather interfered with many of the events. As a registered capture-the-flag player, Alex Chen (Jr.) was exceptionally excited for the approaching Trojan Games. In response to the weather, Chen said, “I was really looking forward to playing capture-the-flag with my teammates from my homeroom. Unfortunately, the weather did not permit us to play and I’m pretty disappointed.”
Luckily, the games were postponed, not cancelled, and the Trojan Games will continue this week.
Some events were still able to continue as planned. Ashley Kim (So.) attended the Trojan Games, and she said, “the events that happened… were pretty exciting to watch.” She added, “It’s fun to see your friends battling each other in different games, and this only excites me more for what’s left to come next week.”
Although many planned games were unable to be played, the events that did take place were still enjoyable to partake in or observe. The Trojan Games encouraged students to become involved in campus events and those who attended seemed to enjoy them, whether they were playing or watching.