Album Review: Badlands

The Badlands album cover (Google)

The “Badlands” album cover (Google)

The "Badlands" album cover
The “Badlands” album cover (Google)

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Halsey, an American singer and songwriter, dropped her debut album Badlands on August 28. According to Vice, the 21-year-old has been writing songs for years and recently attained fame and an extensive fan base through Tumblr, a popular social media website. Badlands reached top positions on US, UK, Canadian and Australian Billboards, among others. Halsey’s calming voice and eclectic music style make her an artist worth listening to. She is also a strong believer in women’s rights who frequently encourages girls to stand up for themselves and take inspiration from what they love.
The young singer has stated in interviews that many of her songs are inspired by her own life, the lives of others and how she wishes they lived. “Ghost,” Halsey’s first original composition, is one of the songs on the album. The piece’s haunting melody is supported by a strong voice and a profound message that has gained attention from listeners of all ages. Other songs on the album, such as “Strange Love” and “Control,” are similar in their appeal: each track reflects Halsey’s feelings about an issue relevant to today’s youth.
Badlands is a deeply emotional album that combines several unique musical elements. The album’s flagship song, “New Americana,” talks about the current generation’s process of trying to find its path in life. Halsey also uses her music to address controversial topics such as LGBTQ rights and feminism.
My personal favorites from Badlands are “Strange Love” and “Hurricane.” “Strange Love” has a steady rhythm that I can pace myself to when studying. The lyrics are centered around individual worth, telling listeners not to feel devalued by others’ judgments. “Hurricane” seems like nothing more than a stereotypical love ballad at first, yet upon closer inspection listeners are able to hear the deeper warnings and words of advice written into the lyrics. In the song, Halsey advises listeners to move on after letting a loved one go.
Tiffany Madlambayan (Sr.) said, “Halsey is honestly one of my favorite singers. Her music is really touching and I feel I can connect to her songs in a way that isn’t like any other artist I listen to.”
If you are a fan of strong lyrics and steady beats, consider listening to Halsey’s Badlands. The album is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and sells for $11.99 on iTunes.