Welcome to the official online news publication of University High School in Irvine, California!

This publication is a compilation of the work submitted by students in Journalism courses as well as by contributing writers (other members of the student body).

Contact us at executive.swordandshield@gmail.com.

Faculty Advisor: Mr. Martin Chinn

Editor-in-Chief: Akanksha Sah

Managing Editors: Jane Hagen and Peter Thomas

Business Manager: Jun Yun

Social Media Managers: Dakota Nieman and Ashi Parashar

News Section Editors: Aidan Arasasingham and Cathy Sun

Opinion Section Editors: Ariana Apostol and Rotem Litinski

Expressions Section Editors: Danielle Bang and Angela Dong

Arts and Entertainment Section Editors: Aneesah Akbar and Chelsea Guo

Features Section Editors: Erin Kim and Ava Welsh

Sports Section Editors: Jackie Loh and Diana Zhang

Photo Editors: Bethany Huang and Jenny Li

Copy Editors: Lucy Liu, Anita Garg, Suhani Dalal, Sophia Huo, Jenny Ji, Bryant Bruzos

Opinions expressed by Sword & Shield staff members do not reflect the overall opinions of the Sword & Shield, University High School or the Irvine Unified School District.

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