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AP Latin

In AP Latin, the bulk of your studies will be on literature such as Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Part of the curriculum is a rigorous extension of Latin 3 as you will be focusing on analyzing poetry stylistically as well as translating and interpreting the significance of Latin passages.


AP Statistics

The AP Statistics course encompasses data collection and analysis as well as statistical inference. The course is cumulative, so you will be using concepts from early chapters in your understanding of later chapters.
The course is not only about inputting data into your calculator, but it also heavily tests your ability to do something with the data and finding conclusions about the statistical significance beyond the numbers.


Mock Trial

Mock trial is a competitive academic club on campus in which members take on different roles, such as witnesses, attorneys, and pre-trial attorneys, in a made-up trial case that the Constitutional Rights Foundation creates every year. You get to learn how trials work in the American justice system and compete against schools from all over the county at an actual courthouse.