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National History Day

National History Day is a history research project competition similar to Science Fair. Every year, there is a theme that the organization establishes, such as Conflict and Compromise. From there, it is up to you to pick a historical topic that fits under that theme and do a research project on that topic. You can work by yourself or in groups for all categories except for the paper category, and your project can take the form of any of the following event categories.


AP Calculus BC

The UHS calculus class follows the AP curriculum with the AB curriculum covered mostly in first semester and the BC curriculum covered mostly in second semester.
The curriculum revolves around integrals, differentials, and various applications of the two concepts.
An average day of class consists of a lecture and some time to get started on homework.


After School Tutoring

Every Monday to Thursday, for an hour or so after school, there is a peer tutoring program held in Ms. Bartlau’s room (Room 319). Students who need extra help in any class can come to her room and find a tutor. Anyone can show up, sign in, and get to work. Typically, students who need help find a tutor themselves. Otherwise, they simply need to ask Ms. Bartlau to help them find a tutor.


AP Computer Science A

This course is an introduction to the programming language Java. It primarily focuses on writing code, but abstract concepts regarding computer science are also important aspects of the course.
Some key concepts covered throughout this course are Java syntax, algorithms, data structures, and Object-Oriented programming. There is also a major focus on logic and problem solving.


AP United States History

This course follows United States history from the age before colonization to modern times in a series of nine periods.
It is not merely a chronicle of dates and facts. Famous events and figures are explored in the context of social, political, economic, and foreign policy implications. The course aims to educate students on multiple aspects of American history, including political leaders, social reform, foreign relations, and much more.


Guide to Sophomore Year

Ah, the wise fools (or sophomore), or so they say with the Greek translation. You’re one step into University High School, you know your way around the place, feel comfortable with some solid friends, joined some clubs, and had a good first year experience with your previous teachers. However, this is where it starts to count - your grades from here will help you determine your college possibilities.