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Maddy the Turtle: a poem

The world can be quite scary See, life is one big hurdle It’s filled with fears That drive my tears And also filled with turtles And I am SO the anxious type My mind in constant circles In any race I’ll get last place I’m kind of like a turtle When pain or angst consumes...


A New Leaf: a poem

As children of the world wait in the distance, a collective sigh breaks out of the silence. The sky cracks open, revealing a new dawn, but the sun soon spirals downward and hides from sight; The season’s last beauty and precious gift. As the last ray of sun shies away, a cascade of kaleidoscope leaves...


My Future Self: a poem

I ask for an ear desperately, for this letter is to the future me. Time will pass and I will soon have matured. But before that day I entrust this will, in hopes that it will last years from now. I ponder about my future self, how she will grow and persevere. I pray that...


As the World Crumbles: a poem

Where is our world headed? With Humanity’s current state, All its destinations are dreaded, For only bloodshed is written in its fate. Why must pain and sadness loom over the innocent? In our minds, Instead of joy, why must anger be present? What sins have children committed, That such cruel punishments upon them are permitted!...