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Mock Trial

Mock trial is a competitive academic club on campus in which members take on different roles, such as witnesses, attorneys, and pre-trial attorneys, in a made-up trial case that the Constitutional Rights Foundation creates every year. You get to learn how trials work in the American justice system and compete against schools from all over the county at an actual courthouse.


National History Day

National History Day is a history research project competition similar to Science Fair. Every year, there is a theme that the organization establishes, such as Conflict and Compromise. From there, it is up to you to pick a historical topic that fits under that theme and do a research project on that topic. You can work by yourself or in groups for all categories except for the paper category, and your project can take the form of any of the following event categories.


Model United Nations (MUN)

Model United Nations, or MUN, is a program designed to simulate the international body, the United Nations. Students act as delegates to represent various nations in their respective committees. Student delegates are assigned one or two real-life international problems to research. Then, in committee, delegates debate and discuss various aspects of the topics with the goal of creating resolutions (in other words, solutions).