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AP Latin

In AP Latin, the bulk of your studies will be on literature such as Vergil’s Aeneid and Caesar’s Gallic Wars. Part of the curriculum is a rigorous extension of Latin 3 as you will be focusing on analyzing poetry stylistically as well as translating and interpreting the significance of Latin passages.


AP Statistics

The AP Statistics course encompasses data collection and analysis as well as statistical inference. The course is cumulative, so you will be using concepts from early chapters in your understanding of later chapters.
The course is not only about inputting data into your calculator, but it also heavily tests your ability to do something with the data and finding conclusions about the statistical significance beyond the numbers.


AP Calculus BC

The UHS calculus class follows the AP curriculum with the AB curriculum covered mostly in first semester and the BC curriculum covered mostly in second semester.
The curriculum revolves around integrals, differentials, and various applications of the two concepts.
An average day of class consists of a lecture and some time to get started on homework.


AP Computer Science A

This course is an introduction to the programming language Java. It primarily focuses on writing code, but abstract concepts regarding computer science are also important aspects of the course.
Some key concepts covered throughout this course are Java syntax, algorithms, data structures, and Object-Oriented programming. There is also a major focus on logic and problem solving.


AP United States History

This course follows United States history from the age before colonization to modern times in a series of nine periods.
It is not merely a chronicle of dates and facts. Famous events and figures are explored in the context of social, political, economic, and foreign policy implications. The course aims to educate students on multiple aspects of American history, including political leaders, social reform, foreign relations, and much more.


AP Spanish Language and Culture

Foreign languages are grueling subjects to learn. You are beginning to understand a culture, written language, and spoken language different than your own. However, as you continue to progress through your journey, the experience takes a turn, and the process is much more enjoyable. Advanced Placement Spanish Language is a specialization class solely focused on the development of the speaker’s mastery of grammatics, vocabulary, accent, and overall fluency.