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After School Tutoring

Every Monday to Thursday, for an hour or so after school, there is a peer tutoring program held in Ms. Bartlau’s room (Room 319). Students who need extra help in any class can come to her room and find a tutor. Anyone can show up, sign in, and get to work. Typically, students who need help find a tutor themselves. Otherwise, they simply need to ask Ms. Bartlau to help them find a tutor.


Guide to Sophomore Year

Ah, the wise fools (or sophomore), or so they say with the Greek translation. You’re one step into University High School, you know your way around the place, feel comfortable with some solid friends, joined some clubs, and had a good first year experience with your previous teachers. However, this is where it starts to count - your grades from here will help you determine your college possibilities.



Although counseling at University High School is often seen as basic help for class changes and course scheduling, it is one of the treasure troves on campus, as it gives students access to attentive ears and heartwarming support. One door down from the athletics office in the administration building, counselors are able to support students by discussing course scheduling for the upcoming school year, college advice, support for difficult circumstances, and fulfilling credits needed to graduate.


Hope Squad

Created in Spring of 2020, Hope Squad is a student-led organization founded upon the idea of support and compassion for those struggling with difficult circumstances that may be causing them some mental health troubles.