2020 Election Edition

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This special includes, but is not limited to, news coverage of local and state elections, opinion articles debating significant political issues, and features articles about student political preferences.

Irvine Mayoral Candidates Prepare for Election

Four candidates are running for Irvine mayor in the upcoming general election on November 3, including incumbent mayor Christina Shea, city councilwoman Farrah Khan, political columnist Katherine Daigle, and small business owner Luis Huang.

Sports and Politics collide: N.F.L.’s response to the rise of Social Justice

By AMITIS TAJALLAEI Staff Writer With the sociopolitical turmoil of our country and widespread protest over racism and police violence, the new National Football League (NFL) season starts against a backdrop of extensive protests from other major sporting leagues and controversy over the NFL’s history of punishing players for bringing politics to the field. However, NFL players and the organization made a statement on the night of the season opener that they are in full support of pursuing racial justice and they will continue to shine a light on police brutality against African Americans throughout this football season.

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