Who I Am (Part Three): a poem

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Who I Am (Part Three): a poem

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(Sharon Henry/Orange County Register/TNS)
My name is Danica Silan.

I have a family of four and many relatives that live around the world.

I am a junior at UHS.

I like to listen to music and go to concerts.

I hang out with my friends in my free time.

I enjoy long walks and bonfires on the beach.


But deep down, who am I?


I enjoy thinking about the longevity of life and the warmth of good relationships.

I always go the extra mile for my friends and take the time to show them how thankful I am.

I like to immerse myself in the sound of music because it adds a bit of vibrancy to my life.

I am making my way towards adulthood. I mature every day by learning new things from the people around me, gaining wisdom as I go.

I try my best to show my family how much I love them every day.

I am Danica Silan.


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