UHS Welcomes Three New Clubs Adjusting to COVID

By JULIET CURTIS Staff Writer The Medical Club, the Multimedia Club, and the Internet Society Club are three new clubs recently approved by the UHS Associated Student Body (ASB). These clubs are examples of those that have made necessary adjustments for member engagement as COVID-19 safety precautions have prompted the digitization of club events, meetings, and related activities. “The main...

Speech & Debate Competes at First Online Tournament

The Speech & Debate club competed in its first ever online tournament in the Orange County Speech League (OCSL) Fall Open Tournament on November 14 and 15, with debate and speech events happening on each respective day.



Teens, Trump, and Tiktok

Teens, Trump, and Tiktok

By SAGE LAMOTT Staff Writer
By now, the Trump TikTok controversy has become a commonly discussed topic in chat rooms and households around the United States. The bigger question teenagers are posing is why? Why target this specific company and yet continue to ignore Facebook’s spreading of misinformation, largely propagated by his own supporters?

Trojan Outlook: Election Edition

On October 9, 2020, the Sword & Shield opened up the Trojan Outlook: Election Edition survey to UHS students in anticipation of the 2020 presidential election. This survey serves to create a more comprehensive understanding of the student body. 169 students participated in the anonymous survey covering questions about their political leanings, candidates of choice, and news sources.

UHS eSports defeats El Toro in the season opener of the NASEF Overwatch League

UHS eSports defeats El Toro in the season opener of the NASEF Overwatch League


In this day and age, a whole new world of competitive and organized gameplay has made its way to the sports community. Esports, as a form of sports competition, incorporates video games for competitive gameplay. Like all other traditional athletes, players seek to improve their skills and strategize their playing styles against others. In recent years, this sport form has become increasingly popular.

Epic vs Apple: Why Market Competition is Good

Epic vs Apple: Why Market Competition is Good

By KIAN MAHMOUDI Staff Writer Epic Games updated its flagship battle royale game "Fortnite" with a permanent 20% discount on "V-Bucks," the in-game currency last month on August 13. By the end of the day, Fortnite was removed from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, leading Epic to file lawsuits against Apple and Google for antitrust violations and anticompetitive behavior.

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