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Contact us with any corrections or questions about the UHS Journalism program at [email protected].


To submit content to a specific section, contact [email protected]:

-News covers need-to-know topics, mainly regarding University High School. Those who are looking to write for News should come to Room 712 during office hours (preferably after emailing) so we can get them equipped with the correct understanding and knowledge of basic news writing.

-Opinion is where you can express your well-supported ideas and opinions on anything from events at UHS to topics in politics, pop culture, and real life.

-Features is for human interest articles ranging in tone from humorous to critical on the various aspects of student culture and life at UHS, and beyond. Those who are interested in Features, like those interested in News, should come to Room 712 during office hours.

-Arts & Entertainment includes reviews of UHS events such as concerts, theatrical productions, or recently released media, including movies, games, books, and songs.

-Photos & Graphics is primarily responsible for making visuals for articles, but they also are responsible for producing comic strips.

-Sports mainly covers UHS athletics, but opinion or feature articles on sports-related topics are also accepted here.


*Contributing writers are not required to have previous journalism training or knowledge, so please feel free to attend Journalism Club on the first Wednesday of the month in room 712 to find ways to make your ideas heard.

**Opinions expressed by Sword & Shield staff members do not reflect the overall opinions of the Sword & Shield, University High School, or the Irvine Unified School District.
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