Irvine team wins World Robot Conference

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Irvine team wins World Robot Conference
Codeo Orange (Team 3476) poses with its winning robot, Mavericks (middle) (Courtesy of Marie Stout)

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Code Orange (also known as Team 3476), one of Irvine’s robotics teams, won first place at the World Robot Conference 2015 in Beijing. The conference, which lasted from November 23 to the 25, included 130 teams from 10 different countries.

The conference had an event called the World Adolescent Robot Contest (also known as the World Robot Olympiad), in which teams built a robot to compete against other robots. This year’s World Robot Olympiad game was called Ultimate Ascent, in which the objective was for the robot to shoot as many disks as it could into a target.  

In 3 weeks, Code Orange re-built the robot they had previously made in 2013, named Mavericks. Sukanya Prasad (Sr.), who has been a part of Code Orange for 2 years and traveled to Beijing for the conference said, “the competition overall was a lot of fun, but it was difficult at first when we realized that the diameter of the Frisbees in Beijing were smaller than the ones in the US, so we had to fix our robot.”

Even with the setback, Code Orange scored the most points and emerged receiving a blue banner in-recognition for winning. “It was overwhelming. I think winning this competition especially, really stood out for us because there were so many other barriers we had to overcome than normal like speaking different languages or having to adjust to a new size in frisbees.” said Prasad. “I mean overall it was a great feeling and I’m extremely proud of our team for all the hard work and effort we put into ensuring we perform our best.” 

The teams were also given a chance to see a showcase of different robots built using the latest technology with different functions. The conference not only focused on the engineering of robots but also the economy behind it. Top level experts and business executives from China, Germany, the U.S., Japan and other countries gave lectures on frontier research, technology development route and development strategy on robotics.

“Code Orange has definitely been an exciting experience for me; it’s helped me determine what I want to do in the future,” said Abhinav Prasad (So.), who joined Code Orange last August and also attended the Beijing conference. “Code Orange is not only open to people who want to pursue engineering, anybody who is interested in robots can join.”

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