Reps and Drills: How student-athletes are training during COVID-19

By Amitis Tajallaei

Staff Writer

Trojan athletes across different grades have been training mentally and physically to stay in shape during the postponed fall season. For the 2020-2021 school year, CIF-SS decided to condense three seasons of sports into two seasons, a fall season and a spring season.

With the coronavirus pandemic and the distance learning orders, training and staying motivated have been a struggle for many athletes because of the Covid-19 quarantine and many athletes have had to adjust their schedules and change their mentality to be able to stay in shape. 

 “I train 6 days a week, with 4 days conditioning, running and jump rope, and the other 2 I do Pilates and bodyweight training,” Said senior lacrosse player Mya Wang, “I always listen to music while exercising to lift spirits, even if it’s just a minuscule amount” 

The promising return of California sports has been welcomed by all athletes who have been training hard. 

“I’ve been training with college athletes and working out to stay in shape,” Junior football Noah Scherson said, “Fall is my favorite season. Football season being pushed back has changed my perspective and made me appreciate the sport even more. Since we haven’t played in so long I realize how much I miss it.”

The loss of a fall season has impacted sports far beyond the scope of the field play. The absence of unity and motivation that comes through Offseason Training Activities and team practices frustrates players as they aspire to train together. 

“With sports being canceled it is hard for me to stay motivated and to continue my training at the same intensity,” said sophomore water polo player Ashley Wallin, “To stay motivated I surround myself with a team and friends that are very motivated which keeps me working hard”

Some athletes are doubtful about the continuation of sports this year which contributes to losing motivation, despite CIFs announcement about the fall season being resumed in winter, 

“[Fall season being delayed] makes me worried that there won’t be a season for us to win this year,” said senior water polo player Matt Wallin, and to stay motivated “ I remind myself that I need to keep training to play in college”

Despite all the challenges, athletes across all sports still are finding the strength to train their best and stay motivated to prepare for the upcoming sports seasons.

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