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Now or Never: a poem

By RACHELL PAK Staff Writer Should I say it now With reckless speech but essential speed? The morrow so distant, The tides ever-changing. What if “when the time is right” never comes? If only it was at one o’clock, If only time should stop At the culminating second. To direct or to inform, But never...


The Waiting Game: a short story

BY MATTHEW CHONG Staff Writer       “Pardon me,” the man said to the waiter, “would you mind bringing us another chair? We’re expecting someone else.”       It was clear to both the waiter and to Eldridge’s son, William, who sat across from his father, that the old man was anticipating something....


Forget: A Poem

BY: JENNY JI Copy Editor Floating in the icy water The cold numbing everything I never want to go back Never want to feel again Just let me stay Let me block out all my thoughts I know you’re the only one who cared I know you’re trying to drag me to shore Imploring, Demanding...