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The epitome of our convenience: water bottles

By ALEX XU Staff Writer Water bottles are ubiquitous. Look around and you’ll see Arrowhead, Dasani, Aquafina, Nestle Pure Life and Evian in backpacks and lunchboxes. They’re convenient and easy to use, and taste significantly better than school water fountains. Their convenience cannot be denied, which is why they have become so prevalent globally. Plastic...


Blue, Flush, Aroma: a short story

By LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer      She wanted to lose herself in those swirls of black. She could barely see her reflection, but she bet it looked horrible. The black spread throughout the water, freer than she could ever be. But even they are held down by the chains of physics. Always held down....


Eye-Opening Experience: a short story

By LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer      Ever since his mother signed him up for a soccer team at the age of six, Kace has been in love with the sport. After moving to China, he found every opportunity to play whether it was during lunch, with friends over the weekend, or even simply playing against the...


We Were Friends: a short story

BY LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer “Do you want to perform at school?” My teacher asked me all of a sudden as I was tuning my guitar. I first picked up the guitar after being inspired by a group of upperclassmen performing at a talent show. It has been my dream ever since to be able...


Misunderstand: a short story

BY LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer 7 o’clock in the morning, the alarm wakes William up from his sleep. Today’s Monday, just like any other Monday, nothing special about it. On the way to school, he suddenly remembers that he’s finally switching seats in his Chinese class. He smiled all the way to school. “I can’t...


Yosemite: a short story

BY PACIFIC ENG, LAWRENCE XU Staff Writer August 2nd, 2016.           It’s my first night at Yosemite with the XC team. I’m tenting with a couple people I met on the car ride over here. I guess that’s what happens when I chose to do a not-so-popular sport. It took around...