Knott’s Scary Farm 2013

Illustration by contributing artist Darya Gyum (Sr.)
Illustration by contributing artist Darya Gyum (Sr.)

This year marks the 41st annual Halloween Haunt season at Knott’s Scary Farm. This year, there are five new mazes along with the original ones that are definitely worth checking out.
The Witch’s Keep: Knott’s Berry Farm’s Calico Mine Train ride is transformed into the Green Witch’s Abode for the Halloween season. The attraction is not as frightening as other mazes, but it does offer an interesting story of a woman who was chased out of a ghost town and comes across evil in a mine. This classic and spooky attraction is worth going to if you need a break from the horrifying mazes.
Delirium: This maze combines insects, visual effects and extremely creepy actors to startle and scare you. The visual effects were well done, and the actors were believable. Most, if not all, of the people in there with me were completely frightened.
Endgames: Warriors of the Apocalypse: This maze is based off of a future world in which mutants and humans battle in gladiator games. The walls are made of chains that allow you to peek through and see the next creature about to pop up. This way, the maze is a little less terrifying than some of the other attractions. Personally, I did not find it as entertaining as others but if you like death metal, then you might enjoy this maze.
Mirror, Mirror: This maze is not as big as Knott’s Scary Farm’s other mazes, but it takes much longer to get through. Basically, the attraction is a room full of mirrors with actors dressed in frightening costumes that seem to be everywhere. The mirrors create an interesting visual effect and distort what is actually happening. As entertaining as this maze is, the line is incredibly long, so I recommend getting a FrightLane ticket to check it out.
Black Magic: This maze features Houdini, undead magicians and showgirls trying to lure the visitors into the world of the dead. The maze is based on a real account of Houdini, who tried to reach his deceased mother with psychics and magic tricks. The visual effects were actually very frightening and creepy. This was my favorite maze and is a must-see.
Forevermore: This attraction walks the visitors through the eerie mind of Edgar Allen Poe and his disturbing stories. The maze features literary works of Poe including The Raven, The Fall of the House of Usher, and The Tell-tale Heart. The visual effects, including lighting and wall design, were all very creepy, and the actors were convincing. The maze is more enjoyable if you have read the works above, but is still enjoyable and worth seeing if you have not.
UHS students commented on their experience at Knott’s scary farm. Melanie Hillman (Sr.) said, “It was a very fun experience but was not as scary as expected. My favorite maze was Delirium because it was really creepy. Knott’s Scary Farm is worth going to.”
Conner Brown (So.) said, “The mazes are not as exciting the second time around, but it was still very fun going with friends. My favorite maze was Mirror, Mirror because it was so confusing and exciting at the same time.”
These are just previews of all the mazes and rides Knott’s Scary Farm has to offer this year, and there are many more I have yet to try. Overall, the Knott’s experience was well worth the $30-$40 price. The park has improved from last year and is definitely worth going to with your friends or family.
By: Martin Huang
Staff Writer