Spirit Week 2013

The senior class casino slot machine mural.

The senior class’ casino slot machine mural.

Spirit Week has been anticipated since the theme, “American Road Trip,” was announced in August. Student councils, with the help of volunteers, worked hard to make Spirit Night and all of Spirit Week memorable for the entire school.
On Monday, students dressed up for “Occupation Day” and participated in the first lunchfest of the week. Costumes ranged from policemen to doctors–even pumpkins! Attendance to the lunchfests along with performance in various lunchfest games contributed to the spirit points gathered by each class. Two representatives from each grade participated in a scavenger-hunt-based game in which they were asked to find a specific object, and then sit back down as fast as possible. There was also a competition to see who could stack Chapstick the fastest using chopsticks, which Kevin Chung (Sr.) won. Chung said, “I really loved representing my class and having school spirit.”
Tuesday was “Animal Day,” which was accompanied by another lunchfest. Council and non-council members participated in Musical Chairs and a Name That Tune competition. Once a song was played, any of the four participants could run to the middle of the square, pop a balloon, and have a chance to guess the song title and artist. Marykate Colao (Sr.) won the game for the senior class. Hassan Hamod (Sr.) said that lunchfests were “an exciting, easy way to represent your class while inspiring spirit.”
The last lunchfest of the week was on “Way Back Wednesday” and included a balloon toss with four representatives from each class. Ronnie Crocco (Sr.) and Austin Bourassa (Sr.) proudly represented the senior class and won the game.
Despite the seniors winning all of the lunchfest events, the sophomores were leading in spirit points the first three days of Spirit Week, having the loudest and most-attended spirit walks along with doing very well in the lunchfest games. Spirit walks lasted from Monday to Friday beginning at 7 a.m. Not only were they a great way to get a head start on spirit points, but also they truly demonstrated the devotion and energy the councils put into Spirit Week as a whole.
On Thursday, students wore their class shirts to show spirit. Starting at 4 p.m., classes were allowed to begin setting up their displays for Spirit Night. The freshmen (Hollywood) decorated the theatre, and were noted for having amazing murals. Despite their time disadvantage, freshmen council impressed the school by creating clever and large models to fill up the theatre area. Vicki Chen (Fr.), freshman council president, said that although building Spirit Night models was stressful, it was also fun and exciting.
The sophomores (San Francisco) recreated the Golden Gate Bridge in a massive structure made of wood with illuminating lights weaved around the structure. Christian Zaragoza (So.), a council member, said, “Although Spirit Week was exhausting, all the hard work and effort pay off on the day of Spirit Night.”
Juniors (New York) recreated the Chrysler and Empire State Building, which lit up in blue and white LEDs. Council member Andyshea Afyouni (Jr.) said he “really enjoyed spending time with some of the most gifted and spirited individuals on campus this past week” and is “grateful to be a UHS Trojan both at heart and in spirit.”
Finally, the seniors (Las Vegas) featured a working slot machine and a life-size “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign.
Although building halted at 9 p.m., the councils retreated to the middle of the school and began giving individual class cheers, which ultimately ended in a school cheer.
Friday was the perfect ending to a hectic, spirited week. Most of the school was dressed in Trojan Army shirts, and the councils wore their specific costumes. The pep assembly featured a dance from each Homecoming Court pair, the councils and even the teachers. The Homecoming Game versus Corona Del Mar (CDM) began at seven p.m., with CDM eventually winning the game 35-3. At halftime, Hunter Craft (Sr.) and Amanda Evertz (Sr.) were announced as the new 2013 Homecoming King and Queen, crowned by last year’s winners, Justin Campanero (2013) and Lauren Yue (2013). The councils also performed their dances at the game, and the winners of Spirit Night were announced after the third quarter.
In first place were the juniors; second, the seniors; third, the sophomores; and fourth, the freshmen. Special congratulations to the new Homecoming King and Queen, as well as the junior class. Lastly, thank you to all the student councils and ASB who worked tirelessly to host a great week for University High School. Go Trojans!
Staff Writer