Before Moving Forward, Let’s Look Back

The cloudy road of 2016 (GOOGLE)
The cloudy road of 2016 (GOOGLE)

Staff Writer
Before New Years had even arrived, most people had already determined 2016 to be a pretty bad year. From the deaths of beloved celebrities like Prince and Carrie Fisher to the controversial presidential campaign, 2016 seemed to bring many of our fears to life.
But now that 2017 is here, it begs the question: what were some of Uni students’ worst moments of 2016?
For most, 2016 was a year of farewells. Some students mourned the loss of celebrities. Taylor Han (So.) said that the death of David Bowie was her lowest point of 2016. She confessed to have cried a little when she heard the news which isn’t that far off from many other students’ reactions when 2016 sent off dozens more of our favorite celebrities.
Losses, it turns out, weren’t just limited to actual people as Jonathan Te (Sr.) recounted the moment he lost a bit of his dignity. “I was at Universal Studios and trying to run up the stairs really quickly when I tripped halfway up. I tried to recover but ended up tripping again in front of a bunch of strangers.”
Another Uni student experienced a different kind of loss. “I left my stove on for too long and burnt my pizza bagels. Almost ended it all right there,” said Anonymous (Sr.). Ah, burnt food: a loss too well known to many of us yet just as poignant every time.
On a more a serious note, others mourned the loss of close loved ones. Michael Wu (Jr.) remarked that “The worst part of 2016 for me was most definitely losing one of my friends, Emilio Lee. When I first heard the news, I went to the basketball courts outside my house and cried and screamed for an hour… I never got a chance to tell him how I appreciated everything he stood for and the person he was.”
So whether or not 2016 was riddled with loss or perhaps a year like any other, here in January of 2017 we can always hope for an even better year to come. Who knows, 2016 set the bar so low maybe this year will be all the better.