Girls Golf defeats Mission Viejo 190-290

Staff Writer
Girls Golf won 190-290 against Mission Viejo High School on Thursday, September 7.  They have won all 6 of their matches so far this season.
The team is satisfied with the results of the match. “The game went better than expected,” Co-Captain Eugene Rhee (Sr.) said. “I think the rest of season will be great. Seeing how well everyone is shooting now at the beginning. I think we have a very solid talented team.”
Coach Kevin Kasper (Athletics Dept.) agrees with Rhee’s characterization of the game. “It was really good because I got to play some of the players that don’t normally get to start,” Kasper said. “This is sort of a year where they’re learning, so that was cool to get to do that.” Some of the players included Emily Tao (Soph.) and Claire Choi (Fr.), who made 39 and 51 strokes respectively.
Co-Captain Kristin Shea (Sr.) proudly reflects on the progress of the team.  “What stood out to me is how much everyone has improved,” Shea said. “I’m really proud of everyone who played today; I don’t think anything could have been done better.”
The team is confident about how the rest of the season will turn out.“We are definitely stacked with good players this year,” Dana Choi (Jr.) said.  “I expect a fantastic season with everyone working hard for CIFs.”
“We feel like one of our main goals is to repeat as the league champions,” Coach Kasper said. “We also came in second last year at CIF, and our goal is to win this year.”
The team is expected to play again on Thursday, September 14 against Corona Del Mar High School at the Newport Beach Country Club.