Pivvot: an app review

Get your groove on with Pivvot! In Pivvot, you control a hinged ball that slides along a twisting and turning rail through a hallucinogenic world pulsating with neon colors. The gameplay is simple: “pivot” the ball left or right by tapping on the respective regions of the screen. The game itself could throw off your controls with all the winding of the rail: your left could easily become your right and vice versa! You will find yourself twitching the hinged ball often to get a firm handle on your control.
In the game, there are two main types of game modes: Voyage and Endless.
In Voyage, you are met with unique shaped obstacles as you traverse along the rail, including dancing circles, jagged spikes, pinpoints and hexagon-shaped passages. These obstacles will smash your ball into a confetti of polygons upon contact. As if that was not enough to make you nauseous, you must fill the circular “progress bar” (surrounding the hinged ball) to completion. To fill the progress bar, you must collect glowing spheres that appear at the end of obstacles. Once you fill up the bar, you progress to the next level.
Level designs also come in two options: a dark world with a blasting trance track playing in the background and a white world with a muffled soundtrack. The white worlds are primarily for introducing new obstacles. The same obstacle repeats in these white worlds. Once you return to the dark world, you are confronted with a mix of all the zany obstacles you have encountered in the past.
In the Endless game mode, the gameplay is much like that of Voyage mode except there are no glowing spheres to pick up. Instead, there is a timer that keeps track of the amount of time, to the second, that you are “alive.” You encounter much of the same obstacles as you do in Voyage, but the longer you manage to survive, the more obstacles the game throws at you.
You can pass Voyage after 30 stages. After beating Voyage, “Expert Voyage” is unlocked. “Expert Endless” is likely unlocked after surviving for 100 seconds in Endless. Beyond that is “Berserk” mode which, as its name suggests, is complete chaos. You can expect more challenging obstacles, as well as a unique music addition in each game mode, to rock your world!

Staff Writer