Girls Soccer prevails over El Modena

Staff Writer
University High School’s Girls Varsity Soccer won 3-1 against El Modena at Uni on November 29. Senior Emma Goolsby scored in the first and second half of the game along with senior Leyna Wood. The team’s record is 2-0 so far in preseason.
“We really connected well and combined really well to score three times”, Goolsby said. “Our three center midfielders and outside forwards played really well.” Goolsby is very positive on the team’s undefeated status so far.
“The team is implementing components from our training really well,” Head Coach Ignacio Cid said. “All we need is to make a greater percentage of our goals.”
“In the second half we started to pass better,” sophomore Tamara Nadjsombati said. “We just need to connect better as a team and finish as a team.” She was really impressed with Goolsby’s performance this game, “she was making a lot of runs and shots and encouraging us to do better” Tamara said.
All players are content with the team’s performance, “so far, there’s no clicks and we’re starting to be a family,” senior player Hayley Tsan said. “We really connected well this game.”
“We just need to be more calm,” sophomore Deborah Lee said, “The mids need to collect the ball more.”
Coach Cid has great anticipation for his teams, “our team has a lot of good freshmen,” Coach Cid said. “[junior] Mackenzie Stapinski is doing a phenomenal job.” There’s one goal for Coach Cid so far this season, “we want to be in contention for a league championship.”