Girls Soccer wins against Ocean View with a score of 5-2

Junior Sara Sussman and senior Co-Captain Emma Goolsby scored two goals each, and senior Leyna Wood scored one goal. (N. Pillai)

Staff Writer
Girls Soccer defeated Ocean View High School 5-2 on December 19. This marks the team’s fourth victory in a row, making its record 5-2-1.
Despite the strong victory, the team is critical about their performance. “I think I could’ve done better,” Co-Captain, senior Leyna Wood said. “My touches were off, and I wasn’t my normal self today. We could’ve done better because we weren’t as quick today.”
Wood explains the reason behind the team’s performance. “Usually in soccer, you start to play the way they play to match their style. If they are stronger, you work harder. If they’re weaker, you play weaker.”
Co-Captain Emma Goolsby, senior, agrees with Wood’s characterization of the game. “As a team we could improve on not playing the other team’s levels,” Goolsby said. “We could work on really playing on the ground more and connecting as a team. As for the season, I really hope we can place first in league and go to CIF to make it as far as at least three rounds.”
Coach Ignacio Cid is pleased with the team’s performance.“I think we did a good job getting a good win. I think it’s nice to see that three different girls scored,” Cid said. “The opponent gave us a tough time during the second half, and they challenged us to use our inner strength today.”