Wrestling brutally defeated by Beckman

Staff Writer
The Varsity Wrestling team suffered a defeat against Beckman with a score of 23-51. Although the team lost, many wrestlers were optimistic about their chances in their upcoming matches and were confident in knowing what parts of their technique they could work on.
Freshman Rowan Corpus who moved up to the next weight class, as well as the next wrestling level from JV to Varsity. Although he lost his match, Corpus was insightful in his defeat. “I hope to improve our wrestling through heavy training in our offseason as our technique and setups are a little lacking,” said Corpus.
Junior Ethan Chin was also motivated by the team’s overall defeat. “Today’s defeat showed that our team really need to take our practice more seriously, start pushing themselves to do extra work, and start working on their own time,” said Chin.
Although on the girl’s team, Lorena Egea, one of UHS’s top wrestlers is not part of the boy’s varsity team, her injury and absence from competing could affect morale overall. Still, Egea was proud of her recent victories. “I got first on December 9th at Santa Ana High School… Girls CIF is on February 3rd, so I’ll be wrestling then,” Egea said.
Some team members did not find fault with the team’s technique or effort, instead, saying how a lack of wrestlers made it hard to win against Beckman. Freshman wrestler Dylan Ohashi commented that although three captains that were injured were able to lead the team, “it really affected our team score because our main people were out, we had to fill their spots with some freshmen and less experienced wrestlers” he said.
Coach Takemura also echoed the same sentiment. “ I don’t think there was anything we did wrong. It was just that we did not have three of our starters wrestle because they were injured. I think if we had our three starters it would have made all the difference,” said Takemura