Wrestling prevails in league finals

Staff Writer
UHS wrestling did extraordinarily well this past Saturday, sending four wrestlers to CIF as well as one alternate player in case of an emergency or in case someone is otherwise unable to participate. A little less than half of the varsity line up qualified for CIF: Freshman Dylan Ohashi, senior Sebastian Corona, juniors Zander Burright and Kea Sadri, as well as sophomore alternate wrestler Sam Xie were the players who won their league final matches in order to head into CIF.
Coach Takemura was also pleased with the results of his wrestlers who did not make it into CIF. “At the lower levels, nearly all of the kids placed in top three of their weight classes.  That has me looking forward to seeing them compete at the varsity level next season,” Takemura said, when asked about the team’s overall result in League finals.
Ohashi is confident in his ability to succeed in CIF. “Personally, I think I did well. Both my of wins were pins and my only loss being to a senior who placed in CIF last year,” Ohashi said when commenting on his match.
Although not in Varsity, many of the Frosh-Soph and JV wrestlers also did well. Freshman Rowan Corpus was the only player to take first place in their weight group. “I feel like I did pretty well this season so far, and will do best to improve further,” Corpus said, when reflecting on the season overall.
Additionally, on top of the great results from league finals, wrestling star Lorena Egea will be competing in the Girl’s CIF qualifiers this coming Saturday at El Toro High School, according to Coach Takemura. She was absent for a few weeks after an injury to the arm, which inhibited her ability to wrestle.
Egea and the five other CIF qualified wrestlers will be headed to CIF qualifiers, with the boy’s qualifier on February 9 and 10, and Egea is on the 3.