Boys Soccer destroys Saddleback with a score of 4-0 in CIF playoffs

Staff Writer
Boys Soccer won 4-0 against Saddleback High School on February 21. The team now has an overall season record of 18-1-3.
The team is pleased with their performance and their victory. “The game went well today,” senior Darious Abdollahi said. “We played really well in the first half and created a lot of chances. The second half was a bit more even but we still played well. We handled it well and didn’t get too comfortable.”
Senior Zach Howard agrees with Abdollahi’s characterization of the game. “I think we finally went back to playing as a team today and it really showed through our result,” Howard said. “It’s really great to see all the guys playing well and enjoying it, and means a lot to our returning guys to make it back to the same round we did last year. Tonight really prepared us for our upcoming match on Saturday and we’re definitely more ready than ever to go even further this year.”
“I felt that we prepared ourselves well for tonight’s game,” senior Jimmy Choi said. “We worked on tactics and kept our heads right the days leading up to the game. We came out with high energy from the very first whistle allowing ourselves to find the early lead. I thought that everyone had the proper mentality and didn’t fall into our opponents efforts of getting under our skin, which gave us the chance to knock in a few more.”
Coach Martin Carrington recognizes the significance of the game. “[This game] didn’t really hurt or help other than it’s another win,” Carrington said. “A win in playoffs is important when it comes to ranking points. But in all essence it was another win.”
The team’s next game will be CIF Championships on Saturday, March 3.