Uni battles it out against MLK High yet ultimately lose

Staff Writer
Boys Lacrosse lost against Martin Luther King high school with a score of 5-8 on the 9 of Friday. However, the game was still a preseason match, with the team’s current score being 2 and 2. Sophomore players Matthew McCarthy scored one goal in the first half, but the team stepped it up in the second with senior Nick Khamseh scoring four goals in the second half, helping to even out the game despite the loss, leading the team in the offensive.
Although the team lost, many positive qualities and skills stood out. Team captain senior Ryan Hane was asked about one thing that went well for the team despite the overall loss, claiming that the defense spearheaded by seniors Nikhil Prabhakar, Hane, Onyexx Chukwumerije , and Jeffery Ly worked well together. “ We slid well and played team ball. Overall our defense is starting to form a very cohesive unit. We played with a lot of controlled aggression and never let up,” said Hane. Another starter player, junior Eric Lim voiced the same grievances. “The team definitely could have done better on offense. We didn’t really integrate our offense and we played more for ourselves than the team overall,” said Lim when asked on what skills the team could improve.
Even in the face of defeat, the team was still optimistic about the future. Starter player junior Oliver Kubit said that the season overall is “going well, and we’ve improved a lot since our first game and we’re shaping up to have a solid league season.” Overall the team just has some kinks to work out luke unforced turnovers and silly mistakes. “We took a lot fewer fouls this game too. Our defense is really starting to perfect our game,” said Hane when reiterating what the team’s strengths were.
The team plans to face Tustin High School on Monday, March 12.