Boys Golf falls to Northwood with a score of 195-193

Senior Dylan Kuennemann came in seventh place in the National Tour Las Vegas Championship last November. (S. Chen)

Staff Writer
Boys Golf lost to Northwood High with a score of 195 to 193 on Thursday, April 12. Although the match was a loss, the team agrees that they did the best they could to pull the score close.
“The other team had more seniors than our team, who had more experience playing the course then our team did, so it was an interesting game,” junior Connor O’Brien said.
“The defining moments of the game is whenever you are on the green putting for a par and you make it and it’s a huge relief.” Freshman George Lu reflects on the team’s performance.
“What I see as important moments of the game comes down to the last two holes of the match,” Lu said. “Anything is a possibility whether the opponent or a teammate could mess up or clutch. Even if I’m not proud of shooting scores to start the round, it doesn’t bother me that much because it’s only the beginning and there are more opportunities for improvement and comebacks. I don’t see any major difference between our team and many other opposing teams, but if I had to say one, it would definitely be the bond that everyone shares as a part of the team unlike the other golf teams.”
O’Brien agrees with Lu’s characterization of the game. “I played alright,” he said. “I shot one under par which was so far my best score of the season. As a team I hope we can limit the amount of putts when on the green. If we are able to reduce the putts wasted on the green we should win the rest of our matches.”
Lu personally reflects on his performance throughout the game. “Personally, I think I’m off to a bad start, but I guess I just have to put in more effort to try to perform better at future matches,” Lu said. “I would really like to see more practice and communication being put in as a team to better prepare for the next game. [As a team, we] joke around and shake it off even if we lost. But I’m positive that more dubs are coming our way.”
The team’s next match is on Wednesday, April 18 against Woodbridge High on the Strawberry Farms Golf Course.