Into the Wind: Book Review


Screen-Shot-2013-04-12-at-12.43.23-PMOften times, many of us get so drowned in our daily life that we forget our roles and purposes as human beings. We keep ourselves busy in the search for success, rather than trying to find our true purposes in life.
Into the Wind is an autobiography by Jake Ducey. At only twenty-one years old, Ducey started his career as a successful author and activist, founding a non-profit organization titled “Self Reliance Institute” with the goal of helping the underprivileged.
Ducey originally led his life as a normal college student until he realized he did not want to be “normal.” He decided to travel from Guatemala to Austrlia to Indonesia and ended his trip in Thailand while learning different native cultures and becoming more grateful for the life he has. After seeing poor suffering children during the trip, he started the “Self Reliance Institute.”
Ducey makes readers realize that you are never too young or too old or too weak or “too” anything to do what you love. As long as you follow your goals and your heart, things will eventually get together and go right.
Ducey’s book about his journey reminds readers that, “we can be dead in a moment’s notice, so we must follow our hearts” and that we do not know “how powerful we all really are,” therefore we have to use our time wisely to inspire others with what we leave behind in this world.
Staff Writer