Artree: an app review

Artree is a tree designing app where intricate designs made from components of a plant can be made with a simple swipe of your finger. You “direct” the growth of the tree by drawing one long, continuous and freeform shape as a blueprint for the plant. There are three buttons within the app: one that brings you to the customization menu, another that replays the growth of your tree and, finally, one that allows you to save your creations to your photo album.
After releasing your finger, stems, petals, flowers and shoots will grow in the wake of your shape in a seemingly random fashion. On top of that, you can customize the shape and color of the tree’s parts or even set the manner in which it grows. There are customizations for the background as well; you can choose from four textures and an unlimited array of colors from the color wheel. Overall, the possibilities are endless. No two trees you create will be alike. Even the misnamed replay button creates a tree that is completely different from the last although it follows the direction of the original shape you drew. It all goes back to Artree’s slogan—“The breathtaking beauty of nature came from the laws of chance.”
The app is available for $0.99 in iTunes’ App Store.
Staff Writer