Gun Threat from UCI Law Student Causes Precautions on College Campus

News Editor
Two videos posted on social media last Saturday featuring a law student at the University of California, Irvine (UCI) in possession of a firearm caused several administrative precautions on the college campus.
According to an email message sent out by Dean L. Song Richardson of the UCI School of Law, a “stay-away” order was issued for law students and the student who posted the videos would not be on campus on Tuesday.
The UCI Police Department (UCIPD) issued a statement Monday afternoon, reporting that no changes in class scheduling would occur, but that more officers would be stationed on campus Tuesday.
“Our officers and the threat assessor determined that there is no immediate danger to our students and the campus,” the statement read.
Although students at the School of Law were informed quickly of the precautions, students of other schools at UCI were not given timely notice.
“I heard about the shooting threat before my [Resident Assistant] sent an email,” UCI freshman and former UHS student Hannah Ai said. “I was disappointed that UCI didn’t send out and alert [as] soon as possible. Students should know about these situations immediately.”
Despite no significant action being taken on the UCI campus, students who reside in surrounding neighborhoods are encouraged to be cautious of any suspicious activity and to report any new information to the UCIPD by calling (949) 824-5223.